“Every Business leader understands that organizational success depends on their working standards, ability to adapt quickly and effectively. This is what the current market demands and disruptive trends.”

Quality Testing

Every Business leader understand that organizational success depends on their working standards, ability to adapt quickly and effectively. This is what the current market demands and disruptive trends. Mobile and cloud technology, evolving regulatory standards, customer demands and new objectives – require fast productive and proactive innovation. Faster delivery of applications and changing based on time demand will show your level of agility. With that only we can achieve the organization targets.

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However, we cannot achieve such without having processed under “quality testing” in place.

Future thinking company will definitely have a Quality Assurance program in place that is agile and responsive to the changing business demands, with successful measures are aligned with business goals and objectives. QA must keep upgrading them self, based on the rate of change a business requires. Ensuring the level of quality and exceed market standards, provide a state of quality in business visibility yet it should be in cost-effective fashion.

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Nasya keeps its standards different from other testing organizations as our Business Assurance approach is to leverage our customer's by a robust test framework and our out of the box methodology that adds our extra effort to the business objective. Some more add-ons like automated test designing, continuous enhancement, executing with automation and our managed services make it different. Also, have partnering with top organizations from long time to optimize and elevate how to deliver the best quality.

Our customers are among the top brands in the world. Our innovative expertise, effective approach to solve challenges allowed us to work with very much known companies. We work to grow our clients business and we too grow with them.

Nasya's Testing Services

Nasya provides quality testing services that are tailored to meet an organization’s selected business objective. Our experts follow an approach to the business-driven specialization across the application lifecycle, above that we focus on productivity, quality and cost ownership

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Following are the services which Nasya provide to achieve your goals:

  • Application Quality is making a formidable difference in today's technology-driven global economy. For success, organizations need to look at Software Testing requirements ranging from manual testing to operating Test Automation Frameworks.
  • Business Assurance. Nasya offers a complete testing framework for Business Assurance services and also underlying tools and accelerators, to ensure testing gets success through business perspective and alignment.
  • In Test Automation we work closely with our clients to develop an effective Test Automation strategy and framework automation with reusability, helping to manage implementation and maintenance costs. Implementation of automation tools across the development and automating other manual processes that are already in there, many organizations are able to reduce testing efforts. If tests get automated, they can be run repeatedly and give quick results.
  • Mobile Testing. Delivering the test strategy for your mobile device to ensure proper view on native devices, as well as testing and integration with external data. Ensuring the best user experience on the device level and system level.
  • Software Performance Engineering is a systematic, quantitative approach to the cost-effective development of software systems to meet performance requirements. SPE is a software-oriented approach that focuses on architecture, design, and implementation choices.

    SPE gives you the information you need to build software that meets performance requirements on time and within budget.

    The SPE process begins early in the software development life cycle and uses quantitative methods to identify satisfactory designs and to eliminate those that are likely to have unacceptable performance before developers invest significant time in implementation. SPE continues through the detailed design, coding and performance and load testing phases to predict and manage the performance of the evolving software as well as monitor and report actual performance versus specifications and predictions. SPE methods encompass: performance data collection; quantitative performance analysis techniques; prediction strategies; management of uncertainties; data presentation and tracking; performance testing, stress and load testing, model verification and validation; critical success factors; and performance design principles, patterns and antipatterns. 
  • Functional Testing. Functions (or features) are tested by feeding them input and examining the output. This ensures that the requirements are properly satisfied by the application. At Nasya we involve following steps in functional testing.
    • Identify functions that the software is expected to perform.
    • Create input data based on the function’s specifications.
    • Determine the output based on the function’s specifications.
    • Execute the test case.
    • Compare the actual and expected outputs.
  • Regression testing. Regression testing is one of the important services which Nasya offers. Regression testing is nothing but re-execution of the test cases for an unchanged part to see that unchanged functionality is working fine or not, which is very important for any application.
  • Nasya ERP Testing practice offers a full suite of integrated ERP testing services across the lifecycle of ERP projects – Implementation, Upgrade, Rollout, Production Support, and Maintenance. Our comprehensive testing strategy, domain expertise and extensive experience in delivering ERP testing projects for global clients enables us to make your testing more effective, achieve better quality, and reduce cycle times. Nasya ERP Test Accelerator kit also ensures rapid results by reducing the overall testing time, cost, and risk.
  • Compatibility testing allows verifying the application in different browsers, on different OS, with different software and hardware. Nasya constantly improves and advances compatibility testing as one of the most important for end users.
  • Test Automation Automated tests can run fast and frequently, which is cost-effective for software products with a long maintenance life. When testing in an agile environment, the ability to quickly react to ever-changing software systems and requirements is necessary. New test cases are generated continuously and can be added to existing automation in parallel to the development of the software itself.
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