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Web Design

At Nasya we have a complete team of experts with varied talent in architecting any project either it’s of design or it’s of development. Down the years we have seen many changes coming in design and development. And Nasya got the team which adopts the changes and welcomes the new challenges proactively.

As at Nasya we think reaching the customers Goal is what important. know more...

Web Development

The term web development relates to the development of websites to be used for an intranet or the internet. Web design is a process can entail the development of a simple static web page to highly complex systems such as electronic business, internet application, and social network services.

The process of web development mainly refers to web-design, know more...

Internet Marketing

“We at Nasya, do not prefer in short-term SEO programs as short cuts deliver short-term results. Instead, we like to go long-term SEO solutions which can give real results and real values.”

Project can be smaller or bigger, but giving results is what our goal is. know more...


Every Business leader understand that organizational success depends on their working standards, ability to adapt quickly and effectively. This is what the current market demands and disruptive trends. Mobile and cloud technology, evolving regulatory standards, customer demands and new objectives – require fast productive and proactive innovation. know more...

Software Development

Offering top edge services in software development Nasya has got many clients around the globe. Serving the best quality software development by combining our years of experience in this domain, expertise professional, subtle knowledge of the latest trends in industry. Our professionals cater a large range of technology services... know more...

Cloud Computing

We will be soon starting Cloud Computing services

What we do

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What we do

Nasya in web design and development encompasses a number of disciplines and skills relating to the production and maintenance of websites.

Among the different areas in web design include interface design, graphic design authoring. Web design is an art that utilizes both the client side and server side aspects. know more

mobile services
mobile services

Our Mission, Vision

Creating Customized Products

Nasya's Vision to empower any entities to acquire a professional on-line presence.

To create custom solutions for "Niche Verticals" at very little or no upfront cost for our clients.

We can be your influencer for making your business succeed

Nasya offers a team of experts who are dedicated towards their work and towards clients. A team with experience, a team with new ideas, a team with creativity.

  1. Outline Objectives and Strategy.
  2. Quality monitoring for best possible results.
  3. Support is the key or Success. 24/7 Support.

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